Fevre Dream staff review

Fevre Dream

by Ryan Banks, Adult Services Are you a fan of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and eagerly anticipating the long awaited sixth volume, “Winds of Winter”? The bad news is that fans have been waiting over a decade for the next installment of Martin’s […]

Like A Sister

Like A Sister

by Sarah Smith, Adult Services I tore through “Like a Sister,” the latest novel by Kellye Garrett, in a single weekend and it kept me guessing right up to the end. I highly recommend this stand-alone story to anyone who enjoys a mystery packed with […]

An Elderly Lady…

Staff Book Review By Sarah Smith, Adult Services It’s a little odd to describe a book about a serial killer as a light read, but Helene Tursten’s pair of “An Elderly Lady” books about the evil deeds of Maud, a respectable senior citizen (in most […]

The Last Gunfight

Staff Book Review by Ryan Bankson, Adult Services Are you looking for a book recommendation to get you through this burgeoning winter weather? I’m your huckleberry. I admit it, I’m obsessed with the 1993 cinematic masterpiece “Tombstone.” I’ve watched the shootout at the O.K Corral […]

The Residence

By Ryan Bankson, Adult Services Experience an otherworldly presence, a family overcome with unimaginable anguish, and a sĂ©ance gone awry. To make things even more unsettling, this all takes place in the White House, and is supposedly based upon real events. Happy Spooktober, one and […]

Staff Review: Broken Genius

Broken Genius

By Ryan Bankson, Adult Services Move over Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg: here comes Will Parker. The year is 2011, and Parker is the CEO of CastorNet, a billion dollar tech company turning heads in Silicon Valley. Still in his 20’s, Parker is considered […]

The Worst Best Man

By Sarah Smith, Adult Services In March of 2020 the world very suddenly became a place of confusion, uncertainty, and more than a little fear. The Covid-19 pandemic changed almost everything very quickly, and none of us really knew what might happen next. It was […]

The Boyfriend Project

By Sarah Smith, Adult Services “The Boyfriend Project” by Farrah Rochon was one of my favorite reads over the last year, and I am genuinely excited that on Thursday, May 20, Farrah Rochon herself will have a virtual event for Carnegie-Stout Public Library! You can […]

Staff Review: Spoonbenders

Spoonbenders, by Daryl Gregory made me laugh more than any other book I’ve read lately. Gregory’s story about the Amazing Telemachus family has clever dialog and plot, interesting characters, a tight-knit riotous family, and suspense. All these varying elements come together in a cohesive and enjoyable read. […]