Space Needs Assessment


An exterior picture of the Carnegie-Stout Public LibraryThe space needs study has completed. Please read the final project report here.

The Carnegie-Stout Public Library Space Needs Assessment Work Session was delivered at the Dubuque City Council Meeting which was held on Tuesday, January, 2024. You can watch it here.

The Carnegie-Stout Public Library has begun a planning effort to assess space needs, examine the existing facility’s expandability, and develop design solutions required to deliver current and future Library services. This is an important investment for the community, so to gather input, the core planning committee has initiated a public planning process with a goal of determining the community’s long-term vision for the library.

We are asking members of the public to serve on a public Advisory Task Force (ATF) that will be charged with reviewing the Goals for Success that have been drafted by the Core Planning Committee members, identifying options to study, developing criteria to evaluate potential solutions, weighting of the criteria, participating in the planning workshop/SPARK session, and recommending to the Core Planning Committee the preferred solutions to meet the needs and community vision.

We would be honored to have you participate in this important process. The commitment will be completed by early October 2023 and will involve only five meetings to be held locally. The schedule for these is below. We understand you may not be able to attend every meeting. Advisory recommendations will be made at the final meeting on October 3 and submitted to the Core Planning Committee and Library Leaders.