The Worst Best Man

By Sarah Smith, Adult Services

In March of 2020 the world very suddenly became a place of confusion, uncertainty, and more than a little fear. The Covid-19 pandemic changed almost everything very quickly, and none of us really knew what might happen next. It was a very strange and sad day when we had to close the library to the public. Staff kept very busy gathering books and movies for curbside pick-up, answering the phones and emails, and cleaning parts of the library that are difficult to clean during normal times. But a library without happy readers browsing the shelves feels a little like a haunted house.

I was very fortunate to have borrowed author Mia Sosa’s recent novel “The Worst Best Man” just before everything changed. Her writing lifted my mood, distracted me from the stress of the world, and filled me with joy. Which is why I’m so excited that on Thursday, August 5, at 6:30 p.m. CST author Mia Sosa will have a virtual event with Carnegie-Stout Public Library! CLICK HERE to learn more about this event, register to attend, and be entered for the chance to win a copy of “The Worst Best Man.”

If you’re a romance reader who enjoys witty contemporary romances with an enemies-to-lovers story that is more than a little bit steamy (one bed at the inn!), read no further. Go check this book out and thank me later. If you’re not much of a romance reader, but you love old rom-com movies like “You’ve Got Mail” or “The Wedding Planner,” you will probably love this book with its charming characters, warm and loving supporting cast, wacky hijinks, mouth-watering food descriptions, and bed-burning sex scenes. It’s a fairly magical book that can make a reader laugh out loud and completely forget about the global shortage of toilet paper or the fear that she might never hug her parents again.

Book Synopsis: Lina is a skilled and capable wedding planner whose career is on the brink of either incredible success or complete failure. Years of work, effort, and the support of her family is all coming down to a critical interview presentation. Unfortunately to succeed, Lina must work with Max, the man who is responsible for her fiancé leaving her at the altar years ago. Can Lina find a way to work with Max to achieve her goals, get revenge on him for destroying her life, AND ignore their obvious chemistry?

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