Accessible Entertainment

Sure, streaming has its advantages for those with reliable internet service and that can afford monthly subscriptions. But DVDs aren‚Äôt dead yet. In fact, the library has a collection of nearly 20,000 DVDs and Blu-ray that you can access for free with your library card. […]

Bingeworthy TV: Star Wars Rebels

By Amy Muchmore, Adult Services The animated series Star Wars Rebels takes place 14 years after Revenge of the Sith and 5 years before A New Hope. Galactic forces are getting stronger and Imperial forces are hunting down the remaining Jedi Knights all the while a fledgling rebellion is forming. […]


By Sarah Smith, Adult Services The British crime drama Broadchurch¬†has an impressive cast of talented actors, and viewers are likely to recognize several faces including¬†David Tennant¬†and¬†Olivia Colman, who play the main investigators. The series is set in a fictional coastal town of Broadchurch whose small […]