2024 Great Reading Challenge


The Great Reading Challenge (GRC) is a yearlong reading challenge that has you read as much as you can to fulfill unique GRC reading categories. Pick the books you will read in 2024 based on the suggested categories or read any books you want and find categories to fit. It works either/both ways.

New in 2024: Track the books you read OR the minutes you read! You can do both if you want, but you will only need to submit one number to the library by Jan. 3, 2025, to complete the 2024 GRC. Those forms will be online and on paper at the library at the end of the year.

You set your own reading goals for the GRC and track the books (or minutes that you read). If you want to officially complete or “win” the GRC and reach specific levels, you will need to read at least 12 books or read for 78 hours in 2024.

Don’t forget about the monthly Reading Roulette categories! These special categories are only announced here and on social media each month. If you read a book that fits that month’s Reading Roulette category, it will count as two books read or twice the minutes read for the challenge!

You can track your reading in one of three ways:

  • Use a printed paper form and log (packets are available at the library).
  • Save the fillable PDF form where you can fill out the titles and rate them out of five stars.
  • Join the GRC Challenge on the Beanstack app, where you will choose either the “Books” OR “Minutes” to track.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email the GRC creator and Librarian Angie at ajohnson@carnegiestout.org.

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If you choose to track books read in 2024:

  • BRONZE LEVEL = 12-29 books
  • SILVER LEVEL = 30-49 books
  • GOLD LEVEL = 50-69 books
  • PLATINUM LEVEL = 70-89 books
  • DIAMOND LEVEL = 90-199 books
  • GRC CHAMPION ALL-STAR = 200+ books

If you choose to track minutes read in 2024:

  • BRONZE LEVEL = at least 78 hrs. (4680 min.)
  • SILVER LEVEL = 156 hrs. (9360 min.)
  • GOLD LEVEL = 208 hrs. (12,480 min.)
  • PLATINUM LEVEL = 260 hrs. (15,600 min.)
  • DIAMOND LEVEL = 312 hrs. (18,720 min.)
  • GRC CHAMPION ALL-STAR = 728 hrs. (43,680 min.)

2024 Reading Roulette Categories

May: Read a Book with a Competition or Race
This could be anything from sports to baking, or competing to woo a crush or win a job.

April: Spring Break Road Trip
Read a book that has a road trip theme or is set in a place you would like to visit (or road trip to). If you read a book with this theme in the month of April 2024, it counts as two books read for the GRC.

March: Reading Lucky
Do you have a lucky token, number or color? Read a book that is connected to your special good luck charm. Read a book this March that is connected to your lucky charm. If blue is lucky for you, you could read a book with a blue cover or a book that has the word “blue” in the title. If you have a lucky coin, perhaps read a book with coins on the cover or the main character is a coin collector. This monthly challenge can be completed easily, if you’re feeling lucky ????, and it counts as two books read for the GRC if completed in March. Happy Go-Lucky Reading!

February: Galentine’s Day
Read a book that features a strong female friendship. If you complete this category it will count as two books read or double the minutes read for the challenge!

January: Read a Novella
Read a book that is less than 200 pages long and it will count as two books read for the challenge or twice the amount of minutes it took to read your book.

4 thoughts on “2024 Great Reading Challenge

  1. How do we identify the roulette book we read on the Beanstack app so that it’s known we did it for it to count?

    1. If you’re counting books, you can log a title as “February Reading Roulette” to have it count as two books read for that month’s category. If you’re tracking minutes, you can manually double the minutes.

    1. Hello, registration will be available Feb. 1. You can sign up here, at the library, or on the beanstack app.

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