Achieve Your Goals with C-SPL

New Year Goals

Each new year welcomes the chance to set new goals (or accomplish old ones).

If this is the year you’ve vowed to learn a new language, finish that home improvement project, or simply read more… the library can help you make it happen!

Learn a New Language

Say hola, ciao, hallo, or nǐ hǎo to a new year! Log in to Transparent Language Online with your Dubuque resident library card to choose from 100+ different languages to learn at your own pace. This complete language-learning systems is packed with pronunciation practice, speech analysis, grammar, writing exercises, and vocabulary-building activities.

Make a Career Switch or Find a New Job

Access Brainfuse JobNow & VetNow for resume assistance, job search resources, and live job coaching sessions with experts that can help you prepare for an interview and more.

Enhance Iowa connects people to education and training resources required for quality, high-demand jobs in the State of Iowa.

Improve Your Home

Have a home project you want to tackle but aren’t sure where to start? Use your Dubuque resident library card for free access to the Home Improvement Reference Center. This online database has videos and articles with step-by-step instructions from leading home improvement magazines and reference books for nearly every kind of home project you can imagine.

Get In Shape

Starting a new exercise routine can be difficult, especially if you’re lacking basic at-home equipment like weights or a yoga mat. But the library is here to help! You can borrow fitness kits to help achieve your exercise goals at home or to explore new ways to workout.

Read More

The library is obviously the best place to find reading material. But if you’re not sure what to read next, check out our blog for staff reviews, C-SPL Reader of the Month suggestions, and more.

Looking for something more specific? Submit a Book Match form and a librarian will create a personalized list of reading recommendations just for you!

You may also want to join a reading challenge. Try The Great Reading Challenge or help Dubuque read 120,000 minutes to celebrate 120 years of Carnegie-Stout Public Library.

Don’t have a library card? Get a card today!

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