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Friendship Bracelets!

Nothing says friendship like a special bracelet, but who has time to weave one by hand?

Introducing the KumiKreator Bracelet Maker! Spin to create beautiful friendship bracelets and necklaces before your eyes. Drawing inspiration from the art of Japanese Kumi bracelets (Kumihimo in Japanese means “gathered threads”), the 2-in-1 KumiKreator makes it fun, quick, and easy to create stylish and intricate Kumi bracelets and necklaces.

Select a bracelet or necklace pattern from the design books, or create your own! Next, choose from five different colors of string, load the ready-to-use spools into the machine following your design, and spin to create. As you turn the handle, the spools dance around the machine, magically weaving your braid together in minutes! When your bracelet or necklace is finished braiding, remove it from the machine and customize with a stylish clasp – no knots are needed! Use extra string to create cool tassels for your necklaces. Design, wear, and share your Kumi designs with your BFF’s and mix and match to accessorize every outfit!

The Maker Space provides the color spools with bracelets or necklaces starting at $2 each. Have your own KumiKreator spools? Fantastic, bring them in and make bracelets for all of your friends.

Want to learn how to use the KumiKreator Bracelet Maker? Call the Maker Space at 563-589-4225 ext. 2246 and make a reservation. The Master Makers will have you weaving in no time at all.

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