Find Your Next Great Read with NoveList Plus

Have you ever finished a great a book and wanted to find more just like it?
Do you need something new to read but aren’t sure what you want?
Overwhelmed by online reading recommendation lists?

Let me introduce you to NoveList Plus, a free resource that helps you find books you’ll love. Just log in with your Dubuque resident library card to get started!

If you don’t where to begin, the “Recommended Reads Lists” located on the left side of the homepage is a great place to start. Here you will find fiction and nonfiction tabs and multiple lists for different age groups. My favorite list is “For Fans of…” under Adult, Teen, and Ages 9-12. These lists provide reading suggestions based on popular TV shows, book series, and other trending interests tailored for each age group.

If you’re looking for suggestions based on a particular book or author, just enter the title or name into the search box at the top of the homepage and you will find read-alikes listed on right side of the results page.

You can also browse by genre, appeal, or theme to find titles that appeal to your particular tastes or your current mood. Or browse by award winners and audiobooks. Again, these are categorized by age group from adults to children ages 0-8.

You can even create a free personal account to save searches, search results, books, lists, or articles for reference or use at a later date.

I think using NoveList Plus to find books is fun. I like exploring the genres and creating my own appeal mixes to find new books. If you’ve never used NoveList Plus, give it a try, you’ll probably love what you find!

You can find extra help navigating NoveList Plus in this tutorial video.

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