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Meet August Reader of the Month: Haidee Cardoso

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About Haidee:
I have worked at Carnegie-Stout Public Library for almost a year as the Teen Librarian. I create the majority of the teen programming and I host the Beyond the Book Club. I like to describe myself as a multifaceted being with a variety of interests: playing video games, learning TCGs (Trading Card Games), exploring new hiking paths, long drives during the summer, crafting of different mediums, painting, watching movies and TV shows, and daydreaming of visiting Akihabara.

I enjoy a variety of books, particularly young adult, gothic fiction, poetry, graphic novels, middle grade fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, manga, and audiobooks. My personal reading philosophy is give it a try and explore your options. During an age where social media insists you must enjoy a certain book, not all books work for everyone and that’s completely fine. But once you find something you enjoy, then you’re set.

Q & A:

Q. What is the best book you have read within the last year (or ever)?
A. For me, it would have to be “Last Night at the Telegraph Club” by Malinda Lo. It is a story of adolescence of a young girl in the 1950’s whose feelings, frustrations, and confusion as to where one belongs rings true in any decade. This is a perfect storm of a novel.

Q. What is your ideal reading environment (location, sound, snacks, etc.)?
A. My ideal reading environment is when it is raining outside and I’m indoors sipping on chamomile tea, under my favorite surfing Pikachu blanket. I also enjoy reading on the road when the weather lends itself.

Q. What book are you most excited about reading next, and what about it is most exciting?
A. . I recently made a purchase suggestion of the manga series “Go with the Clouds, North-By-Northwest” by Aki Irie. I was captivated by its beautiful illustrations and impressive landscapes, which has me dreaming of Iceland’s scenery. I’m also interested in its mystery elements, and even though it’s episodic, it all connects at a certain point of the series.
I am also looking forward to reading one of my selections for a book club I collaborate with at Roosevelt Middle School, “The Unteachables” by Gordon Korman. The plot for it sounds interesting, about the worst class of students in school being paired with the worst teacher. But, if this title is like any of Korman’s stories, it’ll be filled with humor and compassion.

Q. What book do you think more people should read, and why do you think they should read it?
A. I don’t think I can answer this question with one specific book since the experience of reading is so unique from person to person. However, I do believe graphic novels get underestimated all the time. Many of the best books I have read are graphic novels. People should read graphic novels because most of the time, they are fast-paced and they do a great job of providing imagery to the readers.

Q. When do you decide to stop reading a book? In other words, do you read every book to the last page or is there a moment when you decide to stop?
A. Unless it is a book for one of my book clubs, I think this is an easy one to answer: the moment I fall asleep on multiple occasions while trying to read a book, is a clear answer that this book is not for me. It indicates that the book lost my attention.

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