Art @ Your Library, April-May

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The latest Art @ Your Library exhibit features local artists Bob Felderman and John Freitag. There is a public opening reception on Friday, April 7, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. with live entertainment by JazzQ.

This exhibit is on display through May 22 and is free and open to the public during regular library hours. Artworks are also available for purchase.

About the Artists

Bob Felderman has mastered his editorial and commercial photography skills through millions of miles of experience traveling the globe as a military and an independent corporate warrior. He has shared his creative consciousness to achieve success on behalf of clients. His art energies were developed with fine art competitions in mind, developing his writing and image award-winning styles through his experiences and his inspiration from people. His camera work abilities have achieved recognition as a photographer, with a portfolio exhibiting skillfulness and capability to meet the clients’ attention to detail, imagination, needs, and desires. Bob’s images highlight editorial, commercial, and human interactions that create storytelling efforts through Bob Felderman Photography.

John Freitag started to focus on a more artistic approach to his woodworking about three years ago and still considers himself an amateur. He finds pleasure in working with various angles and miters to create his flowing sculptures and tries to use recycled wood as often as possible. He also appreciates the complexity of making a simple box. John has learned you must have a good understanding of the limits of your tools to pursue woodworking as an art and remain safe. John wishes to thank his wife Heather, who truly understands the time commitment needed to develop his craft. He hopes to continue to perfect his craft and hopes you enjoy his work.

View of a walk through of the exhibit with the artists:

Are you a local artist interested in showing your work at Art @ Your Library?
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