Maker Space

What is a Maker Space?

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A Maker Space is an area with a focus on creation—everything from music and videos to 3D printing, hobby laser projects and more!

It’s a space where the community comes together and collaborates on projects that would not be financially feasible for the individual maker. With free access to equipment and education, it’s another way for the Carnegie Stout Library to achieve our goal of life-long learning for the community.

So what can you do in the Maker Space? The possibilities are endless!

Ripped the seam in your favorite pair of jeans? We’ve got a sewing machine! Broke a part on your vacuum and can’t find a replacement part? Print a new one on the 3D printer! Can’t find the right necklace to go with your new dress? Learn jewelry making! Worried that the VHS tape of your wedding and kid’s birthdays crumble with age? Digitize them with our user-friendly software and save to a DVD for future generations to enjoy.

It’s an exciting time in technology and idea sharing. Library Staff can lead you thru the steps to achieve your creative goals. With guided workshops and individual learn-as-you-go opportunities, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a Maker Space.

The only limit is your imagination!

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