Learn to Knit the Easy Way!

We are always looking for fun new items to add to the Maker Space.  This month we are featuring the Sentro Knitting Machine.

The Sentro Knitting Machine is a loom knitting machine that makes the process of knitting so much faster than doing it by hand.

You can knit your own scarves, hats, and even a sweater with this knitting machine. Just cast on the yarn into the hooks and turn the crank to start knitting.  In fact, you can knit a hat in under 30 minutes!

What types of yarn work best in the Sentro Knitting machine?  A worsted weight medium yarn is best.  Chunky type yarns are too thick for the machine to properly knit and may damage the hooks.  The Maker Space provides Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn available in various colors.  We sell this yarn at $5.00 per skein.  One skein makes one hat!  You can also bring in your own yarn and just use our knitting machine.

The Sentro knitting machine is so easy to use.  You can make “hand made” gifts for friends and family.  It’s a great activity for kids as well.  With the help of mom, dad or a favorite adult, kids will beam with pride at their finished item.

Want to learn how to use the Sentro knitting machine?  Call the Maker Space at 563-589-4225 ext. 2246 and make a reservation.  The Master Makers will have you knitting in no time!

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