Dear Holmes in Dubuque


April 1, 1901


Dear Aspiring Detectives,

My name is Sherlock Holmes, Esq., and it is my distinct pleasure to invite you to apply as a consulting detective for one of my upcoming cases.

If selected to join me on this adventure, a most confounding situation will be revealed to you during the month of May. My associates from around the world will mail postal letters to your home address (within the city limits of Dubuque) which contain clues to a challenging mystery in need of solving.

Every week in May you will receive a new letter with fresh details on the mystery, bringing you closer and closer to the solution. I, or my associate Dr. Watson, will receive the same letters, and will reach out to the client to ask probing questions on your behalf.

Your charge is to solve the mystery before I do. Once I untangle the case at the end of May, I will write to you to share how I solved it, but I sincerely hope you beat me to the task!

Are you ready to put your deductive-reasoning skills to the test? Simply register with Carnegie-Stout Public Library at before April 16, but be sure to do so quickly, since only a few will be selected.

The game is afoot!

Sherlock Holmes signature

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