Celebrating 40 Years of C-SPL Volunteers

Volunteer Appreciation

By Deb Stephenson, Relations Supervisor

Originally established in 1981, the Carnegie-Stout Public Library volunteer program began with just 15 volunteers who contributed an impressive 18,733 hours of service in that first year. Though the C-SPL volunteer program has grown and evolved over the years, it continues strong in 2021 as we mark 40 years of volunteer service at the library!

Traditionally the 40th Anniversary gift is a ruby. The ruby is a lustrous, deep red stone that signifies nobility, purity, and passion. Aptly named the “King of Gemstones,” this precious stone represents the Sun and is believed to impart good health and mental strength.

I would love to gift each of our volunteers throughout these past 40 years with a ruby, as they embody what it represents. Though I can’t provide such a gift, I can express my thanks in as many words and ways as I can think of, so THANK YOU…. you’re a gem, a rock star, a genius, seriously incredible, the bee’s knees, the best, a peach, and a blessing. With warmest regards and speaking on behalf of all library staff, we are eternally grateful for your help, your input, your assistance, your undying loyalty, your time, your talent, your energy, and your passion. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

After everything that’s happened in 2020, the world is still beautiful in part because of our dedicated volunteers. And I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the C-SPL volunteers listed below who have given 20 or more hours of their time during this difficult year. Their consistent support, week in and week out, cannot be measured in hours alone. They delivered books to the homebound, indexed genealogy materials, processed holds for patrons, fundraised, advocated, supported library staff, and so much more.

Robert Armstrong
Betty Baule
JoAnn Becker
Mary Bjerning
Kimberley Christensen
Barb Crogham
Joanne Georgulis
Greg Gorton
Al Grabow
Jo Grabow
Lisa Johnson
Rosemary Kramer
Shirley Lanners

Victor Lieberman
Sherry McGinn
Donna Miller
Christie Monk
Pam Mullin
Mary O’Hea
Jane O’Neil
Mike Paradiso
Nick Patrum
Patricia Poggemiller
Leanne Welch
Judy Zmolek

As we celebrate all those who have stepped up to help others during the past challenging year, we also recognize all those who have stepped back from volunteering to protect themselves and others.

So let’s give a nod to our past volunteers as we reflect on the present, and give a wink to our future. Volunteers are the core of our community connection, and we are truly thankful for them.

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