C-SPL March Reader of the Month

March 2023 Reader of the Month

Meet March Reader of the Month: Hannah Burke

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March 2023 Reader of the Month

The library featured Hannah Burke as Reader of the Month in 2019. Four years, and many books later, it’s time to catch up and see what’s new!

About Hannah:
I started really getting into reading in the last couple of years. I like to pass time by cross-stitching. Most of what I cross-stitch is pixel art I find online and draw onto aida cloth.
I’ve always preferred realistic fiction but have started reading some books with more sci-fi elements. I almost always have my earbuds in while I read otherwise it’s hard for me to focus on what I’m reading rather than everything else going on around me. My goal for the year is to read 75 books so I try to finish at least a book and a half a week to stay on track. I keep track of my reading on StoryGraph.

Q & A:

Q. What book(s) are you currently reading?
A. I am finishing up “All Quiet on the Western Front.” I had seen there was a recent movie adaptation released and remembered it was one of the books I was supposed to read in high school but didn’t. I’ve also been reading through a few of the Iowa Children’s Choice books for 2022-23.

Q. What is the best book you have read in the last year?
I really liked “Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead.” It made me laugh a lot while reading, but also made me cry. I’ve read it twice in the short time it’s been out. I also really enjoyed the “Persepolis” series. It’s a graphic memoir about a girl growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution.

Q. What book are you most excited about reading next, and what about it is most exciting?
“Bina: A Novel in Warnings” is an epistolary novel written from the perspective of a 74-year-old woman recounting the downfalls of her life and warning younger women of what’s to come.

Q. Have you discovered any exciting new authors or genres?
I started reading some graphic novels in the last few months. I love the illustrations and they tend to be quicker reads.

Q. Last time you were featured, you wrote that you were a fan of books made into movies. What have been the most successful book to film adaptations and what do you like about them?
A. “The Haunting of Hill House” series on Netflix is nothing like the book but it’s great! Brie Larson is amazing in the “Room” movie adaptation and the same is true about Viola Davis in “Fences.” HBO made an incredible limited series of Gillian Flynn’s “Sharp Objects” and David Fincher’s film adaptation of “Gone Girl” is fantastic too.

Check out Hannah’s Favorite Books
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  1. Hannah is really doing good. You mentioned that Hannah does cross stitch too. Has she thought about teaching a beginners class? or a class at the library?

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