Board Books for Babies

Father reading a board book to his infant child.
By Bailey Keimig-Gehrke, Youth Services

It is never too early to introduce your little ones to the joys of reading. Babies and books might not sound like the most natural combination—images of torn pages and papercut fingers might come to mind—but there is a simple solution to those potential pitfalls. Board books! Board books have durable cardboard pages instead of flimsy paper to withstand all the exuberance a baby could exert. And the best part? There is a large selection of board books out there, so our youngest readers will have plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re looking for sturdy books that can handle your little one’s love for reading, then please take the time to check out one of these titles.

“Wonderful Babies” by Emily Winfield Martin

This book captures the adorableness of a diverse cast of babies in all their moods… from sweet baby to wild baby, and snuggly baby to grumpy baby. With simple text and irresistible art, this book will capture the hearts of parents and the youngest readers alike. Celebrate all kinds of babies while you read to your own little one!

“Jungle Night” by Sandra Boynton

Sandra Boynton is a good name to know when it comes to hunting for great board books. This recent release features a wide range of wild animals and all the funny sounds they make as they sleep peacefully in the jungle. This gentle and humorous story is the perfect excuse to share fun, interesting sounds with your little ones. As an added bonus, this book includes digital access to a musical performance by Yo-Yo Ma that brings the book further to life.

“Baby Sees Shapes: Circles” by Akio Kashiwara

This brightly colored board book emphasizes babies’ abilities to see high-contrast colors and designs. The rhyming text makes for an energetic read-aloud, with a focus on exploring the fun designs on each page. From beach balls to planets to hatching eggs, the illustrations always keep you guessing. Explore other titles in the “Baby Sees” collection.

“I Love Us: A Book About Family” by Theodore Henry & Luisa Uribe

This beautifully illustrated board book is sure to give readers of all ages the warm fuzzies. The illustrations show an inclusive look at families and all of our beautiful differences without being too preachy. While the text celebrates the many ways families enjoy being with one another. A mirror on the last page encourages readers to talk about their own families and reflect on how they like to spend time together. 

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