2023 Great Reading Challenge

The Great Reading Challenge (GRC) is a year-long reading challenge open to adults 18+ who have a Carnegie-Stout Public Library card. To complete the challenge, you need to read at least 18 books by the end of 2023 that fit into one of the many categories in the GRC Book Log. There are also Reading Roulette categories announced each month, and if you read a book from that category, it will count as two books read! (See below for Reading Roulette categories.) SIGN UP NOW!

GRC Reading Levels:

  • BRONZE LEVEL (18-29 books read)
  • SILVER LEVEL (30-49 books read)
  • GOLD LEVEL (50-79 books read)
  • PLATINUM LEVEL (80-99 books read)
  • DIAMOND LEVEL (100+ books read)

2023 Reading Roulette Categories

March: Green Cover
Read a book with a green cover this month and you’ll be lucky enough to have it count as two books read for the challenge! Find suggestions here. Happy reading☘️

February: Love
Read a book that has the word “love” (or a version of love, such as loving, lover, lovely, etc.) in the title. Any book that fits this category will count as two books read for the challenge!❤️

January: Read a Novella
Read a book that is less than 200 pages long and it will count as two books read for the challenge!

4 thoughts on “2023 Great Reading Challenge

  1. Any great novella recommendations out there??????
    The Death of Ivan Illych by Tolstoy
    I think The Old Man and The Sea by Hemingway counts

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