Public Printing

Public printers are available a the Library during all open hours. Printing cost 10 cents for black and white images and 50 cents for color in letter size (8.5 x 11). If you need help scanning and copying documents staff are available to assist you.

From your Portable Computer or Mobile Device

You can send print jobs to the Library from a PC or Mac through our online printing portal.

You can send them from iOS or Android devices by installing the ePRINTit SaaS app and allowing the app to find printers by location.

iOS App  |  Android App


You can also email messages and attachments directly to our printers by sending an email containing the message or attachment you wish to print to the email address below.

Black and White:


If you have questions about printing please contact us via email, phone, or use the online chat app in the corner. You can also check out the FAQ to answer most questions.