3D Submission Form

Here you can upload a file to be printed on our 3D printers.

The max printable area of an FDM print on the Prusa MK3 is 250mm x 210mm x 210mm. The max printable area on the Prusa SL1s is 127mm x 80mm x 150mm. If your file needs to be shrunk or if there are other concerns about the quality of the print a staff member will contact you to discuss options before printing begins. Not all colors are available at all times. If the color you choose isn’t available a staff member will contact you to discuss options. There may be long queues to use the 3D printer and as such the library cannot guarantee print times. A staff member will contact you when your item is finished printing. Patrons must be in good standing (fines under $10) with the Library to submit prints. Printed items cost $0.10 a gram for FDM printing and $0.25 a ml for SLA printing. Before printing begins a staff member will contact you with a cost estimate.

Not sure what type of print you need? Check out this great article by Formlabs that details the differences between FDM and SLA printing.

Please see the Carnegie-Stout 3D Printing Policy