Great Reading Challenge 2021

Welcome to the Sixth Annual Great Reading Challenge!

The Great Reading Challenge (GRC) is a year-long reading challenge open to adults 18+ who have a Carnegie-Stout Public Library card. To complete the challenge, you need to read 18 books by the end of 2021. You can use any of the books you have already read since January 1, 2021. The challenge of the GRC is to read books that fit one of the many categories in the GRC Book Log.

Also, be on the lookout for the monthly Reading Roulette announcements. If you read a book that fits a Reading Roulette category, it will count as two books read in your log! *See below for Reading Roulette announcements.

GRC Instructions & FAQs (PDF)
GRC Book Log (Excel)
GRC Book Log (PDF)

Reading Levels for the GRC:

  • BRONZE LEVEL (18-29 books read)
  • SILVER LEVEL (30-49 books read)
  • GOLD LEVEL (50-79 books read)
  • PLATINUM LEVEL (80-99 books read)
  • DIAMOND LEVEL (100+ books read)

Monthly Reading Roulette Categories:

June: Rainbow Reads
Read a book that has at least three colors of the rainbow on the cover. The rainbow spectrum includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Enjoy a brightly colored book and have pride in what you’re reading! 🙂 Remember, this book will count as two books read for the Great Reading Challenge. Happy reading!

May: “M” is for More Books
Choose a book that has the letters M, A and Y in the title and/or in the author’s name. This category was inspired by the several “M” holidays in the month of May: May Day, May the Fourth, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day (I am sure I am missing some!). Here are some ideas or “cheats” to help you find a book that works: The author can be named May, Mary or Marty. The words May, Many, Mainly could be in the title. The letters can be mixed between the author and the title and they don’t need to be in any order. Remember, reading a book that fulfills this category is worth two books read for the Great Reading Challenge. Happy Reading!

April: Money Matters
This April, read a book about money. For a non-fiction title, you could read about financial fitness, saving or investing money, philanthropy and the like, or how wealth or the lack of wealth impacts people or culture. For a fiction title: you could read a rags to riches story or a book that contemplates whether money can buy happiness. Don’t forget: you can be creative here! If you can make the case that your book relates to the category, read away! Your April Reading Roulette Book counts for two books read for the GRC. Happy Reading!

March: Are You Feeling Lucky?
Are you feeling lucky? Read a book with a green cover OR a book that is connected to the word “Luck.” Examples: Author or character is named Luck/Lucky. Character has good or bad luck, is a leprechaun, or has the Luck O’ The Irish. Remember, reading one of these books counts as two books read for the GRC. Happy Reading!

February: Color Me Romantic
What’s your favorite color? Read a romantic novel that has your favorite color as the main color on the cover. How you interpret “romantic” is up to you. It does not have to be from the “romance” genre specifically. This book counts as two books read for the GRC!

January: A Random Reader’s Shuffle
Pick 4 books that you have been meaning to read for a long time. Shuffle the books (either the actual books or the names written on pieces of paper). Close your eyes and choose one. Your January Reading Roulette Book counts for two books read for the GRC. Happy Reading!

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